Walls and Bridges

Walls and Bridges is a 10-day series of performances and critical explorations uniting French and American thinkers and artists from social sciences, philosophy, literature and live arts.

Nola Chérie

10/20/2012 >  22:00 - 23:00
The Invisible Dog Art Center
51 Bergen Street (between Smith & Court Streets)
Brooklyn, NY 11201

Concert/ Screening. Co-présenté par The Invisible Dog Art Center, les Subsistances et Time Out New York.


Nola Chérie is a live multimedia performance featuring footage of the ReBirth Brass Band and the Troupe Brass Band of New Orleans. For this piece, commissioned by the Center of Contemporary Arts in New Orleans in 2008, Chassol uses his signature editing technique based on the harmonization of melodic motifs. The various sounds recorded by Chassol, from performances by brass bands, to the night song of crickets, to the melody of Mississippi riverboat calliopes, are matched with images such as the bright green wall of an abandoned warehouse, the Lower 9th Ward levee and passing trains. Nola Chérie is an ode to a city, an imaginative re-appropriation of the real through image and sound sampling.

Avec : Chassol, Lawrence Clais