Foreign Language Hopscotch - VILLA-GILLET // WALLS AND BRIDGES //

Walls and Bridges

Walls and Bridges is a 10-day series of performances and critical explorations uniting French and American thinkers and artists from social sciences, philosophy, literature and live arts.

Foreign Language Hopscotch

10/20/2013 >  14:00 - 17:00
Invisible Dog Art Center
51 Bergen Street (between Smith & Court Streets)
Brooklyn, NY 11201
and other venues

Workshop. Co-presented with the Invisible Dog Art CenterLes Subsistances, the French Heritage Language Program,Beam center, the French Institute – Alliance Française, and 61 local


Featuring Polyglot NewYorkers

How often do we take advantage of all the incredible lingual diversity at our ear-tips? Join us for an active-language listening party, as we hear and explore languages from across the five boroughs and around the world.

Over 15 New Yorkers will each offer free, 30 minute classes on their native tongue and culture, including Lithuanian, Malinka/Bambara/Saraoule/Odieneka, Wolof/Foulani, Zaraman, Bambara, Japanese, Danish, Cantonese, French, Bulgarian, Romanian, Russian, Hebrew, Igbo/Pidgin English, Icelandic, Hindi, Marathi and Arabic/Darija.

Online reservations are closed. Feel free to join us at the Invisible Dog Art Center from 2PM to 4.30PM and pick the classes you want to attend at the desk reception.