Loge 22 Collective - VILLA-GILLET // WALLS AND BRIDGES //

Walls and Bridges

Walls and Bridges is a 10-day series of performances and critical explorations uniting French and American thinkers and artists from social sciences, philosophy, literature and live arts.

Loge 22 Collective





Loge 22 (Lyon, FR/ Brussels, BE) is a dance collective co-directed by Marie Goudot, Julien Monty and Michael Pomero.

Loge 22 is a frame for research and creation of moving art forms, bringing together authors and performers who have worked with choreographers such as François Laroche- Valière, Russell Maliphant and Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker...

Loge 22 is conceived as a choreographic laboratory which promotes a political concept centred on the cooperative. With this guiding principle, 10 projects have been created since 2005, based on ideas by one or two authors but developed by all of the members of the group.

Loge 22 co-organises SPIDER, a European platform for artistic exchanges, and also manages an artistic-residence venue in Lyon : Rhizome.



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