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Humanness: A Subject for Experiments?

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11/20/2013 >  16:30 - 18:30
Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3/Amphithéâtre Malraux
Manufacture des tabacs
18, rue Rollet - Lyon 8e

Featuring: Laurent Bègue, Pierre Fourneret, Vinciane Despret, Jean-Philippe Pierron


How can we analyze human behavior and decisions? Do they fit within a comprehensive framework with scientifically measurable parameters? Doesn’t using pre-established criteria create a risk we’ll overlook the humanness we’re trying to study? Isn’t there an irreducible degree of indecision or unforeseeability in every human decision? The cognitive sciences, anthropology, sociology and philosophy all answer these questions differently.


Hosted by: Jean-Marie Durand


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tel : 04 78 27 02 48
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Jean-Philippe  Pierron
Pierre  Fourneret
Laurent  Bègue
Vinciane  Despret